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Helping you understand the full potential and impact Digital can have on your business
— I’m all about Digital marketing , communications & strategy and love it.


If you want to understand digital and social media more, fine-tune your existing plans or simply don’t know where to get started, then I can help you get going. I provide the following services to help your business.

About me

Consulting & Strategy

Create a digital and social media strategy with your business objectives in mind. I also evaluate and optimize existing strategies. From SME to Global brands.

Project management

Manage, prototype and execute app and web development projects. With a hands approach I ensure high quality of work.

Evaluation & Trainings

Evaluate digital and social media awareness within the business then provide the tools and trainings needed; consultancy reports, social media playbooks and training documentation.


For most of my career I've worked in marketing teams both in global brands and startups and within various industries and countries, gaining nearly 10 years of experience. Digital Marketing and communications have been focus for the majority of that time. In 2013 I decided to start Digital 101, a digital consultancy to help SME and global companies define and optimize their digital and social media strategies. I've managed complex projects from global website and mobile app developments. As well as created and provided the training for entire regional teams within the companies I've worked. I'm passionate about everything digital and how it has impacted our lives in such a short period of time. I'm here to help you see the forrest through the trees and make digital easy.

Thomas Rovekamp, Digital Marketing Specialist

How I work

How I work

No project is the same so feel free to reach out and we can talk about what is needed to get started. My pricing is flexible and I can charge per hour or per project. The rate depends on the deadline, how ambitious the project needs to be and the opportunity for repeat business. I can discuss recent work upon request. A lot my work is not posted on the web for copyright reasons. You can however find a selection of work of which I’m proud on this website.

Recent work


Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on or created.

Promotional Video – Schweppes Your Moments

Social Media Strategy – Orangina Schweppes

Promotional Video – Framely App


I've had the opportunity to work within great companies with amazing agencies and people.

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